Cross-border Camp 2011: Workshop itinerary

To let participants easily follow the presentations and prepare for questions, here is the workshop itinerary.

07:30 Open registration for workshop.

08:00 Opening speech

08:10 Session 1: Generation gap
Presentation: "Generation gap: A perspective from puppetry artist"
Presenter: Nguyễn Thị Diễm Thúy - Baby Puppetry Center
Commentator: Tôn Thất Lan

08:30 Performance: Puppetry

08:40 Session 2: Cross-cultural love
Presentation: "Tips for a successful cross-cultural love"
Presenter: Phạm Nguyễn Minh Hiếu - International Relations English Club (IREC COOL)
Commentator: Dr. Anita Oblina

09:00 Performance: Cross-border song

09:10 Session 3: Social activities in international environment.
Presentation: "An introduction to skills for social activities in international environment"
Presenter: Hoàng Trung Bắc - Culture and Language Exchange Project
Commentator: Phạm Thủy Tiên/HCMC Youth Union Representative

09:30 Performance: Sunday morning

09:40 Session 4: Studying and working in a multi-cultural environment.

10:00 Singing contest

10:10 Session 5: Global climate change: Exploration through cultural expression.

10:30 Performance: Singing together

10:40 Closing speech

11:00 Workshop ends
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Cross-border Camp 2011: Workshop papers

The organization committee is pleased to release documents from the presenters which will be used during the workshop. Please feel free to read and support to the success of the workshop by raising questions and sharing ideas to the presenters and the commentators.

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Invitation to Cross-border Camp workshop

Interested persons are invited to attend the Cross-border Camp workshop with main theme "Overcome the barriers of cultures and languages" and five topics:
- Generation gap;
- Cross-cultural love;
- Studying and working in a multi-cultural environment;
- Social activities in international environment;
- Global climate change: Exploration through cultural expression.

The program is designed as an English-speaking workshop for participants to practise and improve their communication skills and enhance new knowledges based on what are discussed.

Time: 8:00-11:00, June 25, 2011
Venue: Room C103, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - VNUHCM, 10- 12 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, District 1.
Workshop fee: 20000VND/pax (free for campers)

Register to book a seat online at:

Or register to be a camper at:

Or register and submit fee directly at:

Center for Career Orientation and Human Resources Development
Room C.001, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - VNUHCM
10 - 12 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, District 1, Tp.HCM
Tel: (848) 39102989 - 0902 848 163 (Mr. Quốc) - 0987 047 309 (Mr. Kim)
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Information booth and camp meetings

In order to help campers learn more about Cross-border Camp, the organization committee prepared an Information Booth at Hall D, 10-12 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, District 1 during the three days of June 23, 24 and 25.

Campers and registrants can come and ask the reception for more information about Cross-border Camp as well as fee submission can also be made directly at the Information Booth.

Camp meetings will be held as below:

1. Presenters orientation:
Time: 18:00-19:00, June 23, 2011
Venue: Room C001, 10-12 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, District 1.
Attendance: all presenters and supervisors. (specific presenters will be announced directly via email and telephone)

2. Campers orientation:
Time: 14:00-16:00, June 24, 2011
Venue: Văn Khoa Café, 10-12 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, District 1.
Attendance: all campers. (all campers will be announced via email)
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Break the seal

"19 years have passed. Since I was born, since I ever put my feet onto this life.

The first steps were smooth, as I was surrounded by barriers, barriers that protected me from outside dangers. Those continued to surround me, until they became the barricades that prevented me from reaching the world beyond those walls.

One of those can be shyness, created during the time those barriers remained in existance. Shyness is the feeling of apprehension when approaching or approached by other people, or simply when dealing with social matters where many unfamiliar people are gathered together. Biologically, the term means “tends to avoid human beings”, and that is one very huge disadvantage to the person. Even though it can be easily cured, mostly by practising to create the opposite feeling, boldness, most people cannot even muster enough courage to quit being shy. In my case, it was during my high school years, where I, objectively, did not receive much encouragement from people around and subjectively, did not want to. However, through learning English, I knew that I was in no way worse than other people, and that helped brightened me up.

Another, more serious, is when someone have lived inside the box for too long, a safety disillusionment is created so deeply inside the ideology of the person. When dealing with unfamiliar subjects, the person automatically create an egg shell to hide back into the shadows of safety, just like when they were inside the box. Trying to be cold and strong, likes to work things out alone and not willing to listen to other people’s opinions are some common, noticeable symptoms, all of which are by no means easy to treat. Unlike shyness, people with safety disillusionment participates in social events, try to socialize in every way they can, but never actually succeed even if they think they do. It is either because they tend to prove themselves superb, or they are too protective on what they are doing that they never request help, accidentally isolating themselves in the process. So in the end, when they are close to forming relations with some people, they push other people out, creating negative feelings towards themselves. That, however, was not my case. I was able to stop before things went too far, by keenly spending time observing different people’s behaviors, evaluating them and work out a way to approach different people, thereby easing the fear of losing my own safety. Furthermore, a class on communication skills and constant practice helped me realise the importance of cracking my own egg shell.

Overall, my biggest obstacle to “break the seal” was to get over troubles and be myself. "One have nothing to fear but fear itself". And through trial and error, I have discovered that: my attitude alone can shape the world and my actions can change it!"

This is an entry by Magus for the essay competition. Do you have better essay? Please send to before June 24.
Essay competition
- Competitors must send their essay of no more than 500 words on the theme "Overcome the barriers of cultures and languages" answering the question "What is the biggest barrier in your life and how did you overcome it?" to before June 24.
- All essays will be listed on website of Cross-border Camp for public review.
- The essay that receives the most votes from judges will be announced on June 24. Who wins the most favourite essay will get a free ticket to Cross-border Camp.
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Itinerary changes and workshop program

After the grand meeting on June 22, the organization committee decided that the Cross-border Camp itinerary will be changed and workshop program is scheduled as below:

June 25, 2011
07:30 Open registration for workshop.
08:00 Opening speech prepared by organization committee. Workshop scheduled with 5 sessions in order of the 5 topics. Performances are arranged between the sessions.
10:40 Closing speech
11:00 Workshop ends and lunch
13:00 Departure from Đinh Tiên Hoàng campus
14:00 Arrival at main gate of Giang Điền Waterfalls and move to camping area.
14:30 Camp setup
15:00 Teambuilding games
17:30 Bathtime, dinner and rest
19:00 Time for camping fire and art performance
23:00 Free time and rest

June 26, 2011
06:30 Breakfast
07:00 Morning cheerleading competition
08:00 Sharings on experience of translation and interpretation on the main theme
10:00 Conclusion and awards ceremony
11:00 Departure from Giang Điền
13:00 Arrival at Đinh Tiên Hoàng campus

Last update about workshop presenters and campers will be available on June 24.
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New deadline for presentation outline

In order to provide presenters more time to prepare and develop their ideas of the topics, the organization committee is pleased to announce the new deadline for presentation outline as below:

- Outline entries will be received until June 22 via
- Top 10 outlines will be advised to develop into group presentation during the workshop in the evening of June 25.
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